Thursday, May 11, 2006

Radio taxi services for Tourism has been launched ih Chandigarh

With this inauguration, the city beautiful will have metered taxi services . The cab will charge Rs.15/- for the first kilometer and Rs.12 for the subsequent kilometers traveled. This rate is lower than the one already fixed in the year 2001 for all India tourist permit holders. In Delhi metered AC taxis charge Rs.15/- per kilometer while in Goa it is Rs.16/- per kilometer. Initially, three leading companies will operate services in the city. Today, 40 cabs of two companies namely Mega Corporation Limited and Indus Travels and Logistics have come on roads. Carzonrent Pvt. Ltd. will start its services by May 15. They will expand their services to 50 cabs each. All the taxis will be brand new, air conditioned/air heated. They will be driven by uniformed drivers. The taxi services will be equipped with GSM/CDMA/Landline network in order to facilitate the communication between the driver and control room of the operators. To ensure proper security and safety of the service users, the taxis will be working on Global Positioning System (GPS), whereby their locations will be monitored by their respective control rooms. Later on radio connectivity and credit card facility will also be introduced in these cabs. Motor Cab Services will be available 24x7 (24 hours and all seven days of a week) to the tourists/general public. The services can be availed of by calling the respective telephone number of the company or by hiring the taxis from the designated locations. Thirty onelocations have been identified and marked, which are spread all over the city. The taxis can also be stopped on the road if they are vacant and are not being used by any other tourist. Tourists can dial 4141414 or 4646464 to avail the taxi services. Today, the taxi services were provided free of cost. Many foreign and Indian tourists from Canada, Mexico, United States, Germany, Holland, Croatia and different parts of the country enjoyed the free ride and visited various tourist spots of the city beautiful. Initially nine trained tourist guides have been inducted, who have been trained from the Food Craft Institute, Chandigarh. These guides are well versed with the tourism sites and requirement of the tourists. The guides have been trained to provide updated information about the city beautiful. They will wear identity card in which their name and other important details are given. The guides will charge Rs.100/- per hour, for half day(four hours) Rs.300/- and for full day (eight hours) Rs.500/-. Tourists/tourism agencies can avail the services of trained tourist guides by contacting the Tourist Information Office, ISBT, Room No.84, Sector 17, Chandigarh on telephone numbers 2704614 and 2703839.
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