Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chandigarh Administration has allowed provision of twin level basements

Chandigarh May 9:- Keeping in view the growing demand for parking space in the city, the Chandigarh Administration has allowed provision of twin level basements in certain categories of buildings. Where as provision of one basement shall be mandatory, twin level basements shall be provided if parking requirement generated by covered area of these buildings is not met through one basement. This facility has been allowed in Cinemas converted into Multiplexes, industrial sites of minimum one acre plot area which are converted into commercial usage after payment of conversion charges, Shopping Malls, Hotel sites on independent plots, commercial, Offices and Institutional sites (except educational and residential) comprising independent plots of one acre and above area, sites in Chandigarh Technology Park and special sites such as the proposed 11 storeyed Tower in City Centre, Sector 17. The twin level basement shall be provided within prescribed coverage norms and its area shall not be counted towards F.A.R. At least 75% area of these basements shall be used exclusively for the purpose of parking whereas the rest can be used for other purposes as prescribed in the Building Rules. The twin level basements shall be constructed as per the provisions of Building Rules regarding light and ventilation, fire safety, structural safety and prevention against surface drainage. 100% power back up shall be essentially provided in such basements. Keeping in view the height requirements for two basements and specialized services required for such buildings, a special relaxation in height has been given and maximum height of 27’-0” has been allowed.
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