Monday, April 17, 2006

City Beautiful faces Power shortage

Chandigarh April 13:-The Union Territory of Chandigarh has no power generation of its own and is entirely dependent upon the Firm/Adhoc allocation (to the tune of 235 MW) from BBMB and various Central Power Projects. The allocation includes 5% allocation from unallocated quota. However at present, only 88 MW to 145 MW of power is available against present peak demand of 186 MW. The present reduction in allocation is due to stoppage of Eastern inflow of power to UT Chandigarh and also reduced allocation out of unallocated quota by Ministry of Power. The Chandigarh Administration has managed to arrange 50 MW of power through PTC @ Rs.4.85 per unit for the period from July to September and 20 - 30 MW of power through NTPC @ Rs.7.25 per unit for the period from April 10 onwards. The rest shortfall in-availability is being managed by overdrawing power at exorbitant rates from Northern Grid. However to maintain grid discipline, NRLDC does not allow overdrawing power from the grid. Accordingly the supply from Nalagarh S/Stn. was switched off on 7.4.06 from 1.36 PM to 2.30 PM thereby affecting power supply to Chandigarh.
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