Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Chandigarh Administration today further liberalized economic policy

Chandigarh April 12:- The Chandigarh Administration today further liberalized economic policy by permitting entrepreneur to shift from one kind of manufacturing to any kind of manufacturing in the Industrial Area, Phase-I & II subject only to environmental controls. As in the case of shifting from one trade to another in the city, no fees or charges will be levied for this. This measure has opened a window for entrepreneurs to move into areas of higher productivity with ease, and also to comply with land use regulations. This decision follows representations made by Chandigarh Industries Association and the Industries Association of Chandigarh to the Adviser. Some procedural changes in the conversion policy have also been made. Submission of building plans alongwith conversion application is no longer mandatory. It has been decided that building plans may be submitted after the conversion from industrial use to commercial use has been permitted. Industrial plots of upto 2 kanals seeking conversion to commercial use will be exempted from architectural controls subject to the provisions of the policy on ground coverage, FAR etc. The Administration clarified that entrepreneurs were at liberty to avail any of the provisions to bring their land use into conformity with the rules, but unauthorized land use would result in resumption proceedings. It was further clarified that entrepreneurs availing the facility of conversion were free to engage in any commercial activity subject only to environmental restrictions.
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