Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Chandigarh Administration has reframed the Scheme for conversion of existing cinemas into multiplexes.

Chandigarh, March 11:- The Chandigarh Administration has reframed the Scheme for conversion of existing cinemas into multiplexes. The amended scheme shall replace the existing scheme called “The setting up of Multiplex Theatre and Conversion of existing cinemas into Multiplex Theatres Scheme 2000”.The Scheme provides for conversion of existing cinema theatres into multiplex theatres subject to the condition that the total seatingcapacity of the multiple theatres in the multiplex shall not be morethan the existing capacity of the cinema theatre and shall also not beless than 75% of the sanctioned seating capacity. The Scheme also provides for additional FAR upto 50% of the existing FAR on payment of conversion charges. The converted multiplex theatres were also allowed the facility of commercial area which shall not be more than the area under the cinema halls and projection rooms. Various cinema plots were having different FARs leading to under utilization of land. The Chandigarh Administrationhas rationalized the land utilization of such cinema plots, whereby each cinema will get a minimum FAR, leading to extra covered area for most of the cinemas. This will ensure optimum use of limited land available in the U.T,Chandigarh while making value addition to the economy ofthe city. This extra covered area or extra FAR will be allowed at the current market rate of commercial propertyin the city. Under amended scheme all cinema plotshaving an area less then 1 acre can avail minimum FAR of2.0 and those having more then 1 acre can avail minimumFAR of 1.75. An additional FAR up to 50% of the FAR availed/existingFAR shall be allowed to the extent that the maximum FARshall not exceed 3.0 for plots having an area up to 1 acreand 2.625 for the plots having an area above 1 acre withinthe same height subject to payment of conversion charges. The conversion charges for additional FAR were fixed inthe year 2000. It has been seen that the rates of thecommercial property in the city has gone up 2.93 times from the year 2001 to 2005. There fore, these conversionrates are increased 2.93 times. The conversion charges thus calculated for conversion of existing space shall beas under: -Sr. No.Nature of activity Rates per sq. ft.1. Area under commercial activity (for shopping purposes) Rs. 2344/-2. Area under entertainment activity including restaurants, Rs.1465/-games, cyber café etc.3. Area under office usage Rs. 1172/-4. Area under public space Rs. 293/- This amended scheme comes into force from the dateof its publication in the gazette of Chandigarh Administration and will remain valid up to31.3.2007. By framing new scheme, the existing scheme called “The setting up of MultiplexTheatre and Conversion of Existing Cinemas into multiplex Theatres Scheme, 2000” and amendmen tmade there under have been repealed.
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