Thursday, February 09, 2006

Procedure of sanctioning of building plans simplified In Chandigarh

In order to simplify the procedure of sanctioning of building plans, the Chandigarh Administration has notified a Self Certification Scheme on19.10.05 regarding passing of building plans of residential premises except group housing/apartments in the Union Territory, Chandigarh,which was optional. The Administration has reviewed the problems being faced for sanctioning of building plans. To make it more practical and operational, it has now been decided that from the stage of submission of building plans to the final disposal, the building plans will be dealt with under a Single Window Service which has been put in place at the Reception Counter on the Ground floor of Estate Office. The building plans will be received by this Single Window counter from 10 AM to 2 PM during working days. The applicant need not go to different departments for taking clearances before commencement of construction,such as Water connection from the office of Executive Engineer, Public Health Department, Demarcation Certificate from the office of Executive Engineer, C.P. Division No. II and Plinth level from the office of Executive Engineer Public Health Department. The Estate Office itselfwill get/issue clearances from the respective departments. Even permission for storage of building material from Municipal Corporation,Chandigarh and grant of temporary electricity connection shall also be made available from the Estate Office only. Now onwards, the building plans need not be sent to the office of the Chief Architect/Planning Department in Sector-9; for scrutiny rather the complete scrutiny and examination will be done in the Estate Office itself. All the concernedofficials who used to sit at different locations will now be sitting inthe Estate Office so as to make the process of scrutiny and disposal of building plans more quick. It has also been decided that all themembers of the Plan Approval Committees will be reporting to the EstateOfficer at 9 AM on every Thursday and their services will be dedicated entirely in the scrutiny and processing of the building plans on the day of meeting of the Plan Advisory Committee. It is expected that by adopting this process, the building plans will be processed and disposedoff within a period of two weeks after their submission. How ever asper the Self Certification Scheme if nothing is heard from the Estate Office the building plan shall be deemed to be sanctioned after 30 daysof the submission of the plans under this scheme.In case of any inconvenience, Architects/general public may contact Sub Divisional Officer (Buildings) Estate Office, U.T. Chandigarh personallyor on Telephone No.2773323 during working hours.


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