Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chandigarh@abcnewsnetwork on31.01.2006

New eletricity tariff structure in Chandigarh
The Chandigarh Administration revised and implemented the electricity tariff w.e.f. 1.8.05 where in a new tariff structure was introduced comprising of energy charges and fixed charges. Anumber of representations from consumers/associations are being received stating the new Tariff Structure as irrational. The main resentment is regarding the domestic consumers consuming 151 units since energy charges@ 2.90 per unit becomes applicable as against 1.65 per unit for 150 units consumption.The basic idea behind the introduction of new tariff structure was to have a Rational Tariff Structure for all category of consumers. There fore the energy charges of all categories of consumers (exceptDomestic Supply) were made equal i.e. Rs.3.36 per unit. However, the Domestic Supply Consumers were given concession by charging them subsidized rates of Rs. 2.90 per unit (for total monthly consumption exceeding 150 units). Similarly within the domestic category also,various slabs were done away under the Rational tariff Structure. However, to grant some concession to the weaker section, it was decidedby the Administration that there should be no increase (on an average) intariff for consumers with monthly consumption less than or equal to 150units.U.T. has no generation of its own and the power requirement of the city is being met through power purchased from various Central GeneratingUnits and BBMB. The average purchase price per unit (including lossesand other expenditure) is around Rs.3.2 per unit while the average sale price per unit (energy charges + fixed charges) for all category of consumers, also comes to approximately Rs.3.2 per unit with the introduction of new tariff. The average energy charges per unit for domestic category has been increased from Rs.2.65 per unit to Rs.2.90 per unit (an increase of approx. 9%) with the introduction of new tariff.The concept of fixed charges has been introduced to charge for making available electricity at the doors-steps, whether consumed or not. Accordingly the monthly minimum charges of Rs.35/- per KW per month havebeen done away.


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