Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chandigarh@abcnewsnetwork on31.01.2006

Chandigarh to adopt many of the practices followed by the Government of Singapore
Chandigarh, January 31:- Chandigarh Administration has decided to adopt many of the practices followed by the Government of Singapore in its developmental procedures for various infrastructural projects in the city. Sh. S.K. Sandhu, Finance Secretary/Secretary Information Technology and Sh. Vivek Atray, Director Information Technology who returned from an official tour to Singapore and Malaysia yesterday gave a presentation before the Administrator, Adviser and the Secretaries of Chandigarh U.T. about their visit. Meetings were held with the Economic Development Board (EDB), International Enterprises (IE), Infocom Development Authority (IDA), Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Malaysia Super Corridor Authority (MSC) and leading technology companies Pacific Internet and ESys Limited during the visit.
While the Government agencies EDB, IE, IDA and MSC clearly showed interest in assisting Chandigarh Administration in developing similar procedures here for the economic development of the city of Chandigarh, the private companies showed significant interest in investing in Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP). Singapore has adopted the pattern of close linkage between the Government and the Industry and has assumed the role of facilitator for this purpose. The Economic Development Board has contributed significantly to the growth and development of Singapore which has now an annual GDP of Dollars 180 Billion. The Industry in Singapore is facilitated by Single Window Mechanisms and does not go through various lengthy procedures for getting its work done.
The infrastructure created by the Government of Singapore in terms of roads, power, local transportation, horticulture, tourism facilitation and various other aspects was studied by the team and would be customized for implementation in Chandigarh as part of the overall development plan.
ESys and Pacific Internet which are Singapore’s largest technology companies with turn overs of more than $ 2 billion each, showed significant interest in investing in Chandigarh. ESys has already applied to the Administration for allotment of a campus site at RGCTP as per Chandigarh Information Service Park (CISP) Rules 2002/2005.
The Malaysia Super Corridor Authority which is a Government organization set up under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia made a presentation before the team and expressed its willingness to advise Chandigarh Administration on setting up a Multi Media University and a Multi Media Park in Chandigarh. Singapore and Malaysia based organizations also expressed interest in participating in the forthcoming e-Revolution event to be held later this year in Chandigarh.


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