Monday, January 30, 2006

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NABARD arranged Self Help Groups Training programme the for rural Chandigarh
Chandigarh, January 30:- To acquaint the Sarpanches and other epresentatives of U.T. Villages about the importance and benefits of Self Help Groups in generating and increasing the income of the villagers , a training programme was arranged by the NABARD, Chandigarh on 30.1.2006 in collaboration with the Rural Development Department of Chandigarh Administration. The training programme was attended by the Managers of the different Rural Bank Branches and the Sarpanches of GramPanchayats of U.T. Chandigarh.To begin with Shri Amar Nath , Director Rural Development, advised the Sarpanches to take the benefit of different income generating schemes of the departments of the Chandigarh Administration. He specially emphasized on the creation of Self Help Groups of the poor and needy villagers, whowant to generate their income. For creating Self Help Group, he sought the help of Sarpanches , so that the programme of SHGs proves a success.The Director Rural Development requested that Sarpanches to identify the villagers for the formation of SHGs.There after, the Chief General Manager of NABARD explained in detail the purpose and objective of forming the Self Help Groups, the advantages which the members of the Self Help Groups could take, the working and constitution of the SHGs. He further informed that various Government departments are ready to help the rural people by arranging loans and subsidies, if they come forward by forming SHGs. He asked the Bankers andthe Sarpanches to identify the prospective beneficiaries in their villageand the NABARD authorities will provide full cooperation and help insecuring loans/subsidies to the SHGs.On this occasion, the NABARD authorities also arranged a presentation regarding the working and usefulness of the SHGs in the upliftment of economic standard of the rural people. The Sarpanches agreed to identify the beneficiaries. However, they requested that the NABARD authoritiesmay also arrange such presentations in the villages with the collaborationof the rural bank branches and the Panchayat Department, so that a good impact is brought out on the beneficiaries for the success of the programme. As a start, a programme for arranging the training camps was chalked out for following villages:-1. Khuda Lahora/Khuda Jassu 08.2.20062. Khuda Alisher 15.2.20063. Dadumajra 17.2.20064. Dhanas 24.2.2006Such training camps will be arranged in other villages also thereafter.


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