Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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New eletricity tariff structure in Chandigarh
The Chandigarh Administration revised and implemented the electricity tariff w.e.f. 1.8.05 where in a new tariff structure was introduced comprising of energy charges and fixed charges. Anumber of representations from consumers/associations are being received stating the new Tariff Structure as irrational. The main resentment is regarding the domestic consumers consuming 151 units since energy charges@ 2.90 per unit becomes applicable as against 1.65 per unit for 150 units consumption.The basic idea behind the introduction of new tariff structure was to have a Rational Tariff Structure for all category of consumers. There fore the energy charges of all categories of consumers (exceptDomestic Supply) were made equal i.e. Rs.3.36 per unit. However, the Domestic Supply Consumers were given concession by charging them subsidized rates of Rs. 2.90 per unit (for total monthly consumption exceeding 150 units). Similarly within the domestic category also,various slabs were done away under the Rational tariff Structure. However, to grant some concession to the weaker section, it was decidedby the Administration that there should be no increase (on an average) intariff for consumers with monthly consumption less than or equal to 150units.U.T. has no generation of its own and the power requirement of the city is being met through power purchased from various Central GeneratingUnits and BBMB. The average purchase price per unit (including lossesand other expenditure) is around Rs.3.2 per unit while the average sale price per unit (energy charges + fixed charges) for all category of consumers, also comes to approximately Rs.3.2 per unit with the introduction of new tariff. The average energy charges per unit for domestic category has been increased from Rs.2.65 per unit to Rs.2.90 per unit (an increase of approx. 9%) with the introduction of new tariff.The concept of fixed charges has been introduced to charge for making available electricity at the doors-steps, whether consumed or not. Accordingly the monthly minimum charges of Rs.35/- per KW per month havebeen done away.

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Chandigarh to adopt many of the practices followed by the Government of Singapore
Chandigarh, January 31:- Chandigarh Administration has decided to adopt many of the practices followed by the Government of Singapore in its developmental procedures for various infrastructural projects in the city. Sh. S.K. Sandhu, Finance Secretary/Secretary Information Technology and Sh. Vivek Atray, Director Information Technology who returned from an official tour to Singapore and Malaysia yesterday gave a presentation before the Administrator, Adviser and the Secretaries of Chandigarh U.T. about their visit. Meetings were held with the Economic Development Board (EDB), International Enterprises (IE), Infocom Development Authority (IDA), Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Malaysia Super Corridor Authority (MSC) and leading technology companies Pacific Internet and ESys Limited during the visit.
While the Government agencies EDB, IE, IDA and MSC clearly showed interest in assisting Chandigarh Administration in developing similar procedures here for the economic development of the city of Chandigarh, the private companies showed significant interest in investing in Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP). Singapore has adopted the pattern of close linkage between the Government and the Industry and has assumed the role of facilitator for this purpose. The Economic Development Board has contributed significantly to the growth and development of Singapore which has now an annual GDP of Dollars 180 Billion. The Industry in Singapore is facilitated by Single Window Mechanisms and does not go through various lengthy procedures for getting its work done.
The infrastructure created by the Government of Singapore in terms of roads, power, local transportation, horticulture, tourism facilitation and various other aspects was studied by the team and would be customized for implementation in Chandigarh as part of the overall development plan.
ESys and Pacific Internet which are Singapore’s largest technology companies with turn overs of more than $ 2 billion each, showed significant interest in investing in Chandigarh. ESys has already applied to the Administration for allotment of a campus site at RGCTP as per Chandigarh Information Service Park (CISP) Rules 2002/2005.
The Malaysia Super Corridor Authority which is a Government organization set up under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia made a presentation before the team and expressed its willingness to advise Chandigarh Administration on setting up a Multi Media University and a Multi Media Park in Chandigarh. Singapore and Malaysia based organizations also expressed interest in participating in the forthcoming e-Revolution event to be held later this year in Chandigarh.

Monday, January 30, 2006

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NABARD arranged Self Help Groups Training programme the for rural Chandigarh
Chandigarh, January 30:- To acquaint the Sarpanches and other epresentatives of U.T. Villages about the importance and benefits of Self Help Groups in generating and increasing the income of the villagers , a training programme was arranged by the NABARD, Chandigarh on 30.1.2006 in collaboration with the Rural Development Department of Chandigarh Administration. The training programme was attended by the Managers of the different Rural Bank Branches and the Sarpanches of GramPanchayats of U.T. Chandigarh.To begin with Shri Amar Nath , Director Rural Development, advised the Sarpanches to take the benefit of different income generating schemes of the departments of the Chandigarh Administration. He specially emphasized on the creation of Self Help Groups of the poor and needy villagers, whowant to generate their income. For creating Self Help Group, he sought the help of Sarpanches , so that the programme of SHGs proves a success.The Director Rural Development requested that Sarpanches to identify the villagers for the formation of SHGs.There after, the Chief General Manager of NABARD explained in detail the purpose and objective of forming the Self Help Groups, the advantages which the members of the Self Help Groups could take, the working and constitution of the SHGs. He further informed that various Government departments are ready to help the rural people by arranging loans and subsidies, if they come forward by forming SHGs. He asked the Bankers andthe Sarpanches to identify the prospective beneficiaries in their villageand the NABARD authorities will provide full cooperation and help insecuring loans/subsidies to the SHGs.On this occasion, the NABARD authorities also arranged a presentation regarding the working and usefulness of the SHGs in the upliftment of economic standard of the rural people. The Sarpanches agreed to identify the beneficiaries. However, they requested that the NABARD authoritiesmay also arrange such presentations in the villages with the collaborationof the rural bank branches and the Panchayat Department, so that a good impact is brought out on the beneficiaries for the success of the programme. As a start, a programme for arranging the training camps was chalked out for following villages:-1. Khuda Lahora/Khuda Jassu 08.2.20062. Khuda Alisher 15.2.20063. Dadumajra 17.2.20064. Dhanas 24.2.2006Such training camps will be arranged in other villages also thereafter.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Self Financing Housing Scheme wil be launch in Chandigarh
Chandigarh January 28:- The Chandigarh Housing Board has decided to launch Self Financing Housing Scheme 2006 from January, 31 2006 with an aim to provide on opportunity to the residents of Chandigarh to have their own houses on competitively low rates.The Governor of Punjab and Administrator, U.T., Chandigarh, Gen. (Retd.)S.F.Rodrigues will inaugurate the scheme in Sector 38(West) on January31.As many as 688 One Room Flats for economically weaker section, 112 two bed room flats and 160 one bed room flats would be constructed in Sector49 and 38(west) to meet the requirement of different segments ofsociety. The last date for receipt of the application form alongwith initial deposit is March, 1,2006.The one room flats numbering 688 for economically weaker section will be constructed over an area of 425.67 sq. ft each. As many as 288 such flats will be constructed in 38 (west) and 400 in Sector 49 in four storyed buildings.The tentative cost of these flats has been fixed at Rs 4.15 lac, Rs.4lac, Rs.3.80 lac, Rs.3.65 lac for ground, first, second and third floor respectively and an initial deposit of Rs.40000 has to be deposit with the application. The remaining 15 percent of the cost will be payable at the time of issue of Acceptance-cum-demand-letter (ACDL). The rest of the amount will have to be paid in three equated half yearly installments.Similarly, 160 one bed room flats would also be constructed over anapproximate area of 648 sq. ft each. The price of each flat will beRs.15.90 lacs, Rs.12.90 lacs, Rs.12.40 lacs and Rs.11.90 lacs for the ground, first, second and third floor flats respectively. The price of112 two bed room flats will be Rs.31.50 lacs for ground floor, Rs.26.00lacs for first floor, Rs.25.00 lacs for second floor and Rs.24.00 lacsfor third floor each.The board has also decided to introduce a new scheme of allotment under which five units at the ground floor and five units at first floor inone bed room and two bed rooms will be reserved for the persons willing to pay more than the fixed price of all the flats. The persons willing to accept such allotment on higher rates will be suitably accommodated. The construction of all these flats will be completed within a period oftwo years. The brochures of the scheme will be made available from thebranches of U.T.I. Bank Limited and State Bank of India located at Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali and all e-sampark centres of Chandigarh Administration from January 31.

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Pawan Kumar Bansal is new MOs for Finance

Today Chandigarh got its share in indian polity, when Mr. Pawan kumar Bansal Become minister of state in Finance in union cabinet today.

Friday, January 27, 2006

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Family Planning Insurance Scheme launched in Chandigarh

January 27:- A meeting of Quality Assurance Committee was held under the chairmanship of Secretary Health, Chandigarh Administration,Mr.Krishna Mohan, here today. It was attended by Dr.(Mrs) Inderjit KaurWalia, Director Health Services, Chandigarh Administration alongwith othermembers from P.G.I., General Hospital, Sector-16 and Government Medical College Hospital, Sector-32, Chandigarh.During the meeting, it was decided that all doctors of private sectordoing sterilization procedure to be accredited, for which they have toapply in the office of District Family Welfare Officer, ChandigarhAdministration, without any fee. The guidelines for the same can be obtained from the O/o District Family Welfare Officer, Community HealthCentre, Sector 22, Chandigarh on all working days between 9.00 AM to5.00 PM. More stress was laid for the Check List and Uniform ConsentProformas issued by Govt. of India to be filled before doing
sterilization procedure. Also Family Planning Insurance Policy which hasbeen launched by Government of India, was discussed. The packageprovided under the Family Planning Insurance Scheme is as follows:-Section – 1a) Death due to sterilization in hospital Rs.1,00,000/-b) Death due to sterilization within 30 days Rs. 30,000/-of discharge from hospital.c) Failure of sterilization (including first Rs. 20,000/-instance of conception after sterilization).d) Expenses for treatment of medical Rs. 20,000/- *complications due to sterilization operation(within 60 days of operations)*To be reimbursed on the basis of actual expenditure incurred, notexceeding Rs.20,000/-.Section – IIAll the doctors/health facilities including doctors/health facilities ofCentral, State, Local-Self Governments, other public sectors and all the accredited doctors/health facilities of non-government and privatesectors rendering Family Planning Services conducting such operations shall stand indemnified against the claims arising out of failure of sterilization, death or medical complication resulting there from up to amaximum amount of Rs. 2 lakh per doctor/health facility per case. The cover would also include the legal costs and actual modality of defending the prosecuted doctor/health facility in Court, which would be borne bythe Insurance Company within certain limits.It was also decided that wide publicity to be done about the insurance scheme through Indian Medical Association and Nursing Homes Association.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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MPLADS Detail of CHANDIGARH up to 31.122005
Entitlementof Constituency(Rs.Crore) = 20.05
Releasedby G.O.I.(Rs.Crore) = 19.05
Amountavailable with interest (Rs.Crore) = 19.54
AmountSanctioned(Rs.Crore) = 17.83
ExpenditureIncurred(Rs.Crore) = 17.60
Percentage of Utilisation Over Released = 92.4%
UnspentBalance(Rs.Crore) = 1.94
source:lok sabha

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Ms. Kirandeep Kaur awarded for act of bravery in chandigarh
The Chandigarh Administration has decided toaward Commendation Certificate to Ms.Kirandeep Kaur daughter of Sh.Harvinder Singh for act of bravery as she saved the life ofSh.Baljinder Singh who was drowning into the Sukhna lake on September 14,2005, on Republic Day Function

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Sector 19 Police Station, declared the Best Police Station in Chandigarh
The Chandigarh Administration has declared PoliceStation, Sector 19, Chandigarh as the “Best Police Station” for theactivities performed during the year 2005 which will awarded rotatingtrophy on the occasion of Republic Day 2006.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


New Transport System on the Grid pattern in Chandigarh
Chandigarh January 24:- The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking has introduced a new Transport System on the Grid pattern in Chandigarh with effect from 23.1.2006. Only 15routes will ply on the grid clockwise and anti clockwise. Three routes covering various markets in the city have also been introduced in the Grid with 15 minutes frequency. Besides this point to point services are plying from ISBT Sector 17 to Sector 43, ISBT Sector 17 to High Court/Secretariat and from ISBT Sector 17 to PGI, Airport, Mansa Devi, Nada Sahib to meet the requirements of public. Keeping in view the difficulties faced by the commuters on 23.1.2006, sufficient Inspector staff has been deputed at ISBT sector 17, ISBT Sector 43, PGI, Manimajra to guide the commuters and to make them understand the new Grid Transport system. All out efforts are being made to resolve the difficulties faced by the public. The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking is open to suggestion and is willing to operate buses on specific routes, if the passenger load is sufficient. The existing passes would be valid in the new Grid Transport System. Route maps of the new Grid Transport System have been displayed at ISBT Sector 17, ISBT Sector 43, and at PGI besides distributing small pamphlets displaying a map of the new Transport Grid System alongwith its salient features for the convenience of the public. Route maps of particular routes are being installed in buses also.

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Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme :Chandigarhhas made miraculous achievements
Chandigarh January 24:- Besides achieving national Target, Chandigarh has made miraculous achievements in the control of tuberculosis and is amongst top few States in India, said Dr.Inderjeet Kaur Walia, Director health Services Chandigarh Administration, here today. On the occasion of completion of four years of launching of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) since 25th January, 2002, she said that during these years approximately 8000 TB patients have been put on treatment. Out of these about 3000 highly infectious sputum positive cases have been treated so far who could have spread infection amongst thousands of people. About 1700 deaths of TB patients, who were critically sick, have also been saved. The cure rate of the patients is 88 percent in Chandigarh.
Chandigarh is making rapid strides for the control of tuberculosis in the city and has established 2 Treatment Units at Chest Clinic, Sector 22 and Poly Clinic, Sector 45, 13 Microscopy Centres and 106 DOT Centres. Medical Officers and Para Medical Staff posted in all these Health Institutions are fully trained for diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. Besides a 15 bedded hospital is functioning 24 hours to provide health for TB & Respiratory diseases patients.
During the last four years, Health Deptt. Has organized Medical Camps, Swasthaya Melas, Health Awareness Camps, Workshops for Medical Practitioners, Municipal Councilors, Seminars for Panches and Sarpanches, Group meetings of Opinion Leaders and utilization of small screen and print media for generating awareness has resulted in positive opinion formation against elimination of gender discrimination and isolation of TB patients etc.
Pilot Project of Public Private Mix (PPM) for involving Medical Colleges, Private Practitioners and NGOs in Chandigarh since September 2003 has also contributed significantly in the performance of RNTCP and control of tuberculosis in Chandigarh.
With the establishment of Zonal Task Force at PGIMER and State Task Force at GMCH-32, Medical Colleges have been fully involved in RNTCP. The Intermediate Reference Laboratory (IRL) is under way in GMCH-32 Chandigarh.
Director Health Services further said that Chandigarh Administration has taken up with Govt. of India for creating one additional Treatment Unit in Civil Hospital-Manimajra and upgrading the Microscopy Centre of GH-16 to the level of Medical College. Chandigarh Administration is also keen to establish State Training Demonstration Centre(STDC) and Intermediate Reference Laboratory(IRL) for introducing cultural sensitivity tests for Multi Drug Resistance (MDR) cases etc.
A number of studies have been made to evaluate the performance and introduce changes, resulting in improving the programme in future for the control of tuberculosis in the city.
Dr.Walia further said that Health Department of Chandigarh is committed to control the menace of tuberculosis in city beautiful.

Monday, January 23, 2006

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Mass movement to promote wildlife preservation in Chandigarh
Chandigarh January 23:- The Chandigarh Administration has formed four committees for making wildlife preservation and promotion a mass movement with increased participation at all levels.The committees have been formed as a follow up decision of the State Board for Wildlife, U.T., Chandigarh held under the chairmanship ofGovernor of Punjab and Administrator, Chandigarh Administration,Gen.(Retd.) S.F.Rodrigues. These four committees are as such:-1. Committee on creation of awareness about forests, wildlife & environment among people especially students : This committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of HomeSecretary-cum-Secretary (Education), Chandigarh Administration and the members of the committee are; Director Public Instructions(Colleges), UT Chandigarh, Director Public Instructions (Schools),UT Chandigarh, Mr.R.S. Goraya, Distt. Education Officer, UTChandigarh, Dr.(Mrs.) Satinder Dhillon, Principal, Dev SamajCollege of Education, Sec.36, Chandigarh, Prof.R.K.Kohli, BotanyDeptt., Panjab University, Chandigarh, Mr.Jagjit Singh, YadvindraPublic School, Mohali and Director Environment, ChandigarhAdministration. Director Environment, Chandigarh Administrationwill be the convenor of this committee.2. Committee on protection & conservation of Sukhna Lake and promotion ofEco-tourism:This committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of FinanceSecretary-cum-Secretary (Environment & Forests), Chandigarh Administrationand the members of the committee are; Chief Engineer, U.T. Chandigarh,Director Tourism, U.T. Chandigarh, General Manager (Tourism), CITCO, Prof.M.S. Johal, Zoology Deptt., Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr. SatishNarula, PAU, office at Old Arch. Bldg, Sec.19B, Chandigarh, Lt.Gen.(Retd.)Baljit Singh, # 219, Sec.16, Chandigarh and Deputy Conservator of Forests& Chief Wildlife Warden, U.T.Chandigarh. Deputy Conservator of Forests &Chief Wildlife Warden, U.T.Chandigarh will be the convenor of thiscommittee.3. Committee on preservation of Heritage trees:This committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of DeputyConservator of Forests-cum- Director Environment, UT Chandigarh and themember of the committee are; Mr.Raghubir Singh, Executive Engineer,(Horticulture), Municipal Corpn, Mr.Karan Singh, Principal, Govt. ModelSr.Sec. School, Sec. 33-D, Chandigarh, Mrs. Usha Saboo, # 1,Sec. 5,Chandigarh, Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat, Maloya village, U.T. Chandigarh,Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat, Khuda Alisher village, U.T. Chandigarh andMr.Pramod Sharma, Convenor, YUVSATTA (NGO), Sec.11, Chandigarh. Mr.PramodSharma, Convenor, YUVSATTA will be the convenor of this committee.4. Committee on proposed Greater Shivalik National Park:This committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Secretary(Forests), Chandigarh Administration and members of this committee are;Mr.R.D.Jakati, Chief Wildlife Warden, aryana, Panchkula, Lt.Gen.(Retd.)Baljit Singh, # 219, Sec.16, Chandigarh, Mrs. Madhu Sarin, # 48, ec.4,Chandigarh (Environmentalist & Architect) and Chief Wildlife Warden, UTChandigarh. Chief Wildlife Warden, UT Chandigarh will be the convenor ofthis committee.The committees will hold regular meetings and will submit the advise/detailed recommendations to the Chandigarh Administration upto 30thApril, 2006.

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Chandigarh is planning for rapid transit system in near future
Chandigarh, January 23:- The Chandigarh Administration has invitedExpressions of Interest on global basis from interested project developersfor the Chandigarh rapid transit system. The advertisement in this regardappeared in newspapers on 22nd January, 2006, according to which theproject will be implemented in Union Territory, Chandigarh and isextendable to Panchkula and Mohali. A large number of passengers traveldaily from Panchkula and Mohali to Chandigarh and hence a coherenttransport system would have to cover all the three agglomerations. Thematter was under consideration with the Chandigarh Administration and theGovernments of Punjab and Haryana. A number of meetings have been heldbetween the senior officers of both the State Governments and theChandigarh Administration.It may be observed that the matter regarding implementation of a rapidtransit system in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali has been underconsideration since 1997.Recently, M/s Rail India Technical & Economic Services, a Govt. of IndiaUndertaking were engaged as consultants for implementation of a suitablerail based transit system in the region on BOOT basis. ChandigarhAdministration has entered into an MOA with M/s RITES. As per theagreement, M/s RITES would provide project development consultancyservices right from the stage of preparation of the project report togrant of award to SPV. The total time for the consultancy would beabout 18 months.M/s RITES will prepare a Detailed Project Report, provide legal andinstitutional arrangements for the project, pre-qualification of bidders,bid process management, evaluation of proposals and selection of mostpreferred concessionaire, incorporation of SPV and award to SPV. In thefirst phase, the project would cover about 25 Kilometers of length andrun on two corridors – on Madhya Marg and Himalaya Marg. Importantdestinations like PGI, ISBT-17, Panjab University, Punjab and HaryanaCivil Secretariat, High Court of Punjab and Haryana, Rock Garden, SukhnaLake, Railway Station, Sector-34, ISBT-43, Manimajra will be covered inthe first phase. M/s RITES have started working on the project and thework of preparation of Detailed Project Report is in the process.The project is to be implemented on concession for a minimum period of 30years including three years of implementation period. The two maincorridors shall be planned for a minimum carrying capacity of 10,000persons per hour per direction (pphpd) upgradeable to around 30,000 pphpdin future. Additional corridors may also be planned. The project isproposed to be implemented on BOOT basis and the revenue stream shallconsist of user charges from the passengers and revenue fromadvertisements. The Administration will consider offering certainincentives and concessions such as permission for property development onfloor space basis at stations and depots, viability gap funding andcertain taxes and duties exemptions.Giving the above details, a press release by Chandigarh Administrationsaid that interested National and International applicants with proventrack record in Monorail/MRTS technology and infrastructure developmentwith sound financial capabilities may apply either individually or as agroup (not exceeding 5 constituents) through a Strategic Member of thegroup. The expressions are to be submitted to M/s RITES by 22.3.2006. Therelease further said that the demand of a rapid transit system inChandigarh and the adjoining towns of Panchkula and Mohali have been longfelt by the citizens. In view of the increasing number of vehicles in theregion and keeping in view the future transport requirements, such atransport system will go a long way in improving the urban life.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Film City in Chandigarh
Chandigarh January 21:-Chandigarh Administration has prepared a prospective plan for the Union Territory of Chandigarh keeping in view the requirements, needs and aspirations of the people and the areas around Chandigarh in light of opportunities being thrown up by increased economicupsurge and technological developments happening in the country. Such activities are planned in the available limited land in the UnionTerritory in such a way that create large employment opportunities for the skilled and unskilled employable youths and also add value to the economyof the Union Territory. Keeping above in mind, the Chandigarh Administration has thought of setting up a Film City in the UT. An area measuring 30 acres has been earmarked for this purpose which may increaseor decrease depending upon the final scope of the project. A spokespersonof the Administration informed that the Administration has been involved in discussion with many companies/persons who have shown keen interest in undertaking this project. Going by the huge interest displayed by some ofthe entertainment companies it seems the project was long over due. Inaddition to traditional facilities required for film production, the citywould have facilities for processes like animation and digitization of films. Once the outlines and contents of the project become crystallized,an Expression of Interest from prospective developers would be invited bythe Chandigarh Administration for this project.


Friday, January 20, 2006


The Chandigarh Administration is finding sites/open spaces for Dharnas/Rallies
Chandigarh, January 20:- The Chandigarh Administration had appointed a Committee consisting of the Deputy Commissioner, Senior Superintendent of Police, Chandigarh and Superintendent of Police/Traffic to inspect various sites/open spaces available in Chandigarh for organization of Dharnas/Rallies. Presently, the Dharnas/Rallies are being held at Matka Chowk. This chowk is located at a point through which a number of employees and general public go to their offices, High Court of Punjab and Haryana PGI & other hospitals and various educational institutions. The organization of Dharnas/Rallied at this chowk has been causing great inconvenience to the general public. This has been resulting into traffic blockade also in certain parts of the city. Realizing the problems being faced by the general public, the Committee constituted by the Administrat6ion inspected a number of sites and recommended Rajindra Park, Sector -1, Chandigarh for organization of Dharnas/Rallies. There is ample space available for parking also at this site and it is less likely to result into inconvenience to the general public as well as the persons participating in the Dharnas/Rallies. However, before shifting the venue finally to the Rajindra Park, the Administration desired to have opinion from various sections of the society. An official release said that any suggestion in this regard may be furnished to the Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh within a period of two weeks.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


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